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TargetLink Research & Consulting Co., Ltd is a premier marketing research company focus on consumer behavior research. We are dedicated to studying the behavior of Taiwanese consumers for decades in order to assist our clients develop better products and more effective marketing campaigns.

Now, facing the internet era, we set up an online survey panel to conduct market research on various interesting topics including consumption behavior and consumer life style. Joining our panel you will receive interesting market survey questionnaires related to various products and hot topics and see many new things and interesting aspects of life.

In the research panel, you will accumulate cash points once response to questionnaires. If you are interested in joining us, please complete the membership information to help us to send you questionnaires which match your interests. Please join us now and find out an interesting world of market research! TargetLink Research & Consulting Co., Ltd sincerely invites you, and appreciates for your assistance!

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