Management philosophy

We know the end goal of research is to find new markets. We even know how to easily find the answers you are looking for among the mountains of numbers.
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  • Feb. 2020

    Once again serve the market with TargetLink and become a member of Group TRON.
  • December 2009

    Renamed to Uni-SurveyLink; becoming part of the UC group
  • May 2003

    Because sales continued to expand, TargetLink was established
  • 1999

    Resuluctured into “Koos international company”
  • 1990

    Transfered to Koos Group as “Koos media group research center”
  • 1973

    Established as the marketing research unit in UC group


By utilizing marketing research, we will provide clients with the best sulategy consultation and mobile services

Quality demand ~ Objective, Precise, Fast

  • 2001, The computer assisted telephone interview system started
  • 2001, The 40 line simultaneous digital recording system started
  • 2003, The face to face computer assisted interview system was inuloduced

Staff qualities ~ Professional, Passionate, Flexible

  • Our members are mostly from marketing, media, psychology, statistics or social science.
  • We hire professors from various universities as consultants.
  • We will hire experts from all fields to teach our staff the latest investigation techniques and analysis methods from time to time.